What to Know About Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid is one of the most popular home appliance brand in America. Previously owned by The Hobart Company in 1919, right now the company is owned by Whirlpool Corporation. At first they produce stand mixers called the “H-5” to the market. The model that being introduced at that time faced tough competition as rivals moved into the home appliance market back then. In the 1930s, the company introduced their trademarked silhouette which is called as the model “K”. Egmont Arens was responsible as the designer for the model “K”. From the model “K”, the company’s stand mixers began changed little in design because the model are well-matched with the modern machines at that time. After they gain the success with stand mixers, the company introduced dishwashers as their second product in 1949. As time goes by, they begin to sell other kitchen appliance which is blender in the 1990s.

Kitchen Aid become best-seller products during Christmas holiday. And if you are one of those people that buy a stand mixer or if you are the one who want to invest mixers in order to make cookies, bread, and meringues with ease, then Kitchen Aid is an amazing kitchen investment. The stand mixer can last for years or sometimes decades with proper care. Like other stand mixers from other brands, this stand mixers are heavy-duty machines. As we know that sometimes the machines need a little adjusting and tweaking so it can run properly. Don’t make your stand mixer become a waste of money, because we will give you some things that you should know about this product so that it can last for a long long time.

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Common Problems When Using Kitchen Aid

  1. The mixer suddenly stops running
  2. Oil leaks from the gear box into the mixing bowl
  3. The gear inside the mixer wobbly
  4. The sides or bottom of the bowl scratched.

Things to Know About Kitchen Aid

 1. What to do if the head wiggles?

Sometimes, the metal pin that connects the head and the hinge of the mixer to the body will starts to shift later it pop out. And when the mixer is running and the metal pin shift or pop out, it will make the head wobbly and loose. What should you do then? Just take the bowl off the mixer and turn the mixer onto its side. This step will surely help you to tighten the screw which connects to the pin easily. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw.

  1. You can adjust the height of the paddle above the bowl

To mix dough properly and to not scratch the bottom of the bowl, the attachment should sit at the right place above the bottom of the bowl. But if you use your stand mixer continually, it can shift out of position. Actually, the height of the paddle above the bowl is adjustable so you can adjust it either lower or higher with a screwdrivers every time it’s not in the right position.

  1. A scarper blade or a new whisk is a must

Stand mixers from Kitchen Aid only came wither with a coated beater blade or a regular metal. We highly recommend you to get a silicon scraper instead. This silicon is a great thing to use. The function of the silicon is to mimic the scraping which a rubber spatula would do. The edges of the silicon will be very helpful so you don’t have to stop the mixer and do it yourself. The advantages of using this is it is dishwasher safe and also doesn’t lose its use like the common metal beaters usually do.

  1. Drape a towel over the mixing bowl to prevent messes

Stand powers can become such a mess if the attachment move fast or it hits a big pile of dough such as powdered sugar or flour. This will make the dough flying out of the bowl. The only solution we have is use towel and drape it over the mixing bowl before you use the stand mixers. This tip will prevent your kitchen from mess so it can stay clean and nice.

  1. Buy more attachments and bowl

When you use stand mixers a lot, we recommend you to invest in attachments and extra bowl. This tip is to help your work in baking easier since you don’t have to wash and dry everything first when you move on to the next batch. For those who loves do high-volume baking, it’s doesn’t matter to take up more space. Extra bowl and attachments are helpful timesavers.

  1. Store the attachments in the bowl

Store stand mixer attachments properly is a must to prevent the damage. And keeping tabs on your stand mixer is an important point in placing them. You can place then right in the bowl if you don’t have other spaces in your kitchen cabinet. Set the extra attachments aside when you want to use the stand mixer. After that, don’t forget to dish them until everything is clean and dry then you put them back in the bowl. Use a towel to lining the bowl and keeping things from scratching. Use the inside of the bowl to place the attachment since that space is unused. You don’t have to worry anymore since you have extra storage.

  1. Warm up your Kitchen Aid after periods of non-use

Since your stand mixers uses a food-grade oil fat, sometimes food-grade oil will separate more easily when you place it in cool temperatures. Since using food-grade oil is a legal requirement, you should follow the instruction although you might worry the oil gets into your food. And when you finally use your stand mixer again after more than a couple of days, you have to let it run for some minutes to “warm up” it. This tip is used to allow the liquid and oil solids to re-mix so it can prevents oil leaks. You can increase the speed when your kitchen is in drier climates.

That’s all the things you need to know about the Kitchen Aid.

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