Things to Know About IKEA Cabinets

Among the home renovation, it seems like cabinet construction is the most expensive cost. This is possible since cabinets’ result are the most obvious visual proof in your home. Moreover, it is also a heavy decision among your other investments. Cabinet construction will give you challenge as well as opportunity. You can be creative because the choices are endless. There are some key factors that you can choose and focus on so you can get the right cabinets for your home renovation such as installing IKEA cabinets.


When you want to install cabinets, the most important consideration is your budget. Even if you’re installing IKEA cabinets, it can cost a lot. Custom and stock cabinets are also more expensive than IKEA’s. This is the truth of cabinet construction. Since cabinets is an enormous investment, you have to think again when you want to install cabinet. But if money isn’t the important facto r of your home investment, you can choose what you want easily. But there are some types of cabinets, which one should you choose? First, let’s take a look at the definition of IKEA cabinets and other types of cabinets.

types of cabinet

Types of Cabinets

  1. Stock cabinets

IKEA cabinets is categorized as stock cabinets. The factory mass-produced a system of set sizes, features, colors, and finishes which you choose and pick unlike almost anyone else. Piece by piece that you order will be pulled from stock supplies then they ship all of them to your home. After that, you have to deal with both the assembly and installation. If you wonder why IKEA cabinets keeps the cost low is because they are shipping your order to you piece by piece and they use very inexpensive materials for their home goods.

  1. Custom cabinets

Just like the name, custom cabinets are the cabinets which the design and construction based on individual design and preferences. When you decided to custom cabinets, you can choose the materials, designs, sixes, features, and finishes. Your cabinets will be made hand-crafted. They will deliver your cabinets and install them too. This type of cabinets is often chosen by people with a lot of money. The options for construction and materials are endless and you can be creative with your cabinets. The price of custom cabinets is depend on the material, design, labor, style, customer service approach and more personalized design. This is the solution for you who want to have your own cabinets.

  1. Pre-fabricated cabinets

There are many national retailers in USA that distribute independent lines of cabinets. They supply a semi-custom cabinets similar with IKEA cabinets. Pre-fabricated cabinets means you can choose the set sizes, features, colors and finishes. Luckily, national retailers tend to have more options so you might get the cabinets that you want. This is different with IKEA cabinets where your order will be manufactured and assemble for you and when your cabinets arrived, they are ready for installation. The range of pre-fabricated cabinets’ price varies more than stock cabinets. You will probably spend less on labor since pre-fabricated cabinets are already assembled before they arrive at your home for installation, but you may pay more if you want to use high-quality materials.

  1. High-end built-to-order cabinet systems

If your budget allows you to get high-end cabinets, why not get you one? There are small groups of cabinets companies which has an offer of extremely high-end cabinetry system. Those companies are the best in the warranty and they are known for durable and beautiful cabinet construction. Since this is high-end cabinets, the minimum cost of them, even a small cabinets, can easily exceed more than $20,000. This type of cabinets is only available for people who have a lot of money. If you’re on budget, then forget your dream of having extremely high-end cabinets.

The Advantages of IKEA Cabinets

IKEA cabinets are semi-custom cabinets, so it can be less expensive than you think. Especially if your kitchen has both limited space and lots of space as well as an unusual layout. When you choose pre-fabricated in standard sizes to place them in a tight kitchen wouldn’t be worth the original material savings. More inventive labor is needed to fit everything in your tight kitchen.

pre-fabricated cabinets

The IKEA ones will give you an opportunity for functionality and additional storage when you have a large kitchen with extra high or depth ceilings. In addition, the cabinet heights and depths will bring more value to your re-sale venue and renovation. Pre-fabricated and custom cabinets in standard sizes may force you to spend more money for wasted space, filler materials, and labor for semi-custom adjustments since awkward niches, multiple corners, and unusual footprint usually hard to outfit.

IKEA offers higher quality material that comes with sturdier thicknesses. The materials will last longer. They also use MDF and particle board as their common material for cabinets. Those materials are resistant to water and have longer life span compared to wood and plywood. The company uses joinery methods and sturdier construction that can interlock pieces of materials so the weight and stress is distributer more evenly. Not to mention that they also offer option for stronger hardware elements such as drawer sliders and hinges. Generally, IKEA provide a higher level of material and design for cabinets. The customer assistance is also on point. They willing to do site visits and re-designs as well as get in touch with the customers on the phone when they need IKEA’s help.

When you order IKEA materials, it means that you have cabinets that will last longer and provide more options. After you pay for assembly and installation, you can ask them to help you to assembly and install the cabinets. Furthermore, if you willing to pay a few extra thousand dollars, you can get a much better cabinets.

Don’t ever think if you decided to go with IKEA cabinets, they will be limited in creativity. Luckily, IKEA has design software that allows you to design your own cabinets even though you don’t have any design experience.

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