Kitchen Ideas: How to Turn the Small Kitchen into the Attractive One

Want decorating kitchen in catchy and chic style but still confuse how to do? Don’t worry because here you can take some tips for getting the best kitchen ideas. Some people might still confuse on how arrange the kitchen to be the tremendous one. However, there are so many ways to turn your ordinary kitchen into the wonderful one. From choosing, adding, and placing are the most important thing to make your kitchen looks greater. So, what should we do to make the best arrangement for decorating kitchen? Here are some recommended tips that can be followed by you.

small kitchen in apartment

Wall Storage for Cooking Tool

First of all, some of you might have problem with storage especially for cooking tool. So, you have to arrange it well for make it looks neat. As kitchen ideas you can place two kind of storages which are utensil racks storage and industrial wall hardware. You can just hang the racks which has function as utensils storage with some hooks so that it can hold tools tightly. Paint the pegboard and the hang it to keep all your items organized well. After that, you can also use wall magnet for storing spice jars and knife in the kitchen.

small kitchen in apartment

By considering kitchen storage, all of your kitchen items will be organized orderly and it will never make you disappointed when in the kitchen. Moreover, by organized all the stuff in the racks as the best kitchen ideas will help your kitchen to get more space. If you like neat thing, you can also add some hidden cabinet for storage but if you fine with the opened storage you can just put one or two opened storage for your kitchen. Order the stuff base on the size, color, or even anything else as you want so it will give attractive effect when walking in the kitchen.

Place Additional Shelving for Additional Storage

If you think that all your kitchen stuff is not enough with wall storage, you can also place one or more additional shelving as you need. Besides has function as kitchen stuff storage, this additional shelving also will be a plus score in your kitchen decoration. As kitchen ideas, you can also add some of cooking books which are usually needed for you who like to experiment in making a dish or anything else. If you have figures collection, you may also put some of them there to make it look nice and even greater.

kitchen shelf design

Get More Counter Space

If you want to get more modern look, you can add some space for counter. You can have a low profile ceramic cooktop which is modern and sleek at the same time. By using it, you can place other items or even cutting board while it is not used. Next kitchen ideas for counter space, you can get a cooktop cover. You can purchase a gas range which safely used and even safe even you are not using the stove. Last, roll butcher block as additional counter space. You can as a set of wheels or even only one wheels as the best for completing your best rolling butcher block.

Design Your Pot Racks

If you still have problem with storage, you may also get some of pot racks in your kitchen. It has function as additional storage which is especially for pot. There will be no or hang the racks from the ceiling by using pot racks. You can add a hanging storage which are for pans and its friends so it will make the kitchen look more kitchen. Just arrange it well so that you can feel the true of kitchen. For the best look, arrange your pans base in size might be the incredible kitchen ideas.


If you still think that pot racks must be hang from ceiling, you have to get rid out of it. Now, you can just make a wall mounted pot racks which must be incredible in saving space for storage. To get the unique kitchen ideas, you can also made a background of the pot racks to be more attractive, for instance, all of your pots have dark color so you can apply light color for the background so it will be seen clearly.

The Hideaway Furniture

Then, the best solution to make your small kitchen be incredible on is using one item for all function. This kind of furniture might become trend recently. Besides it has multifunction, usually all in one furniture item has the greatest design as the kitchen ideas. You can use some of all in one or hideaway furniture such as wall mounted tables, drop down tables, cutting boards, backless bar stools, roll out tables, and also roll out kitchen cabinet. All of these items can help you in saving more space in kitchen so that you small kitchen will be not to small in space.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Light color must be the perfect color for small kitchen. If you have small space for kitchen, you have to use light color to make it look brighter and wider. If you choose dark color for your small kitchen, it will make it be smaller since dark color has this effect. So, as the kitchen ideas for small kitchen you have to choose light color. However, if you already have all dark furniture in kitchen you can get another solution to brighten up your kitchen.

kitchen light

The first kitchen ideas for brighten up your small kitchen is using LED strip lights. If you already have dark furniture, you can add the LED strip lights to illuminate your kitchen. Just hang the strip lights under your dark cabinet or others. Second, you can also change your incandescent light bulb into the latest efficient versions of bulb. Third, placing mirror in the kitchen is not only giving an illusion but also it will make your kitchen look brighter and bigger. Fourth, use the pendant lights so that it can be clipped to your kitchen room’s lighting. Last, juts remove your outdated light fixtures out.

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