Get Inspiration of Monochrome Kitchen by IKEA Kitchen!

Looking for inspiration for decorating your kitchen? Don’t take it so hard, you can just follow this recommendation for your kitchen. First, you have to decide which kind of theme that you want for kitchen. Second, collect all the stuff which relates to your theme. Third, place it well. For deciding the theme, monochrome might be the best one. The mixture of black, white, and grey in one place will make your kitchen looks greater than ever. After that, gathering all kind of stuff for your kitchen which has concept like monochrome. For kitchen stuff you can deal with IKEA Kitchen which has bunch of collection that will never end. So, here are the tips for your kitchen in monochrome theme.

modern kitchen with monochrome

Monochrome as Dark Expression

When we talk about monochrome, the first color that will come across our mind is black. Yes, it can be said that monochrome has base color of black, but it is not always be like that. For the first theme will be monochrome as the dark expression which means the dark color have to be more dominated than the white one. From IKEA Kitchen, you can get all the stuff which has monochrome concept. First, you can choose Kungsbacka Black Door which price £15.

modern Kitchen design

Then, you can also place Tutemo Black Open Cabinet for your kitchen set. It will be greater when it comes with grey wall. For Tutemo Black Open Cabinet from IKEA Kitchen has price £22. Don’t forget to place other kitchenware in your tremendous kitchen such as microwave and hob. For microwave oven, you can get Bejublad microwave oven in price of £400 and also Bejublad forced air oven which has price of £395.

modern Kitchen design ideas

If you want to place your dining room next to kitchen, you also take monochrome accent. Choose the dark black wooden dining table with four black chairs. For chairs, you can get in IKEA Kitchen which is Vilmar Black Chair which has price of £20 for each. After getting all done, you can get the little piece of kitchen stuff which will make your kitchen be more live and attractive. For dining table, you can place candlestick by Enighet which has dope black. This candlestick by Enighet has place for 3 candles which has beautiful shape.

For match it well, you can also take Sockerart Vase which also has dope black and price of £10. If you want to fill your kitchen with more plants, you can also choose some pots by IKEA Kitchen. There are so many choice for monochrome theme such as Hjortron Plant Pot with Saucer which has diameter of 15cm and price of £3.50, Stenbar Plant Pot which has diameter of 24cm and price of £15, and also you can also choose 2 Sets of Kolokvint Plant Pot which has affordable price which is £3. On the other hand, you can just choose these three of plants pot so that you cannot get more bored for decorating with plants. For additional, you can hang the Hektar Pendant Lamp to make your kitchen be greater.

minimalist kitchen ideas

Minimalist Monochrome for Workaholic

Then, you can also get another option which can be matched by your taste. For you who like to work everywhere, it must be possible to make a kitchen that has best corner for doing your work. The minimalist monochrome has base of white which means black color will not be dominated. From IKEA Kitchen, you can get corner to corner stuff that you need. First thing that you have to buy is Nutid Microwave Oven which is $699, Nutif Slide-in Range with Gas Cooktop which is $1,199, and also Frostig Freezer which has price of $699. For Nutid Microwave Oven and Slide-in Range with Gas Cooktop, you can choose the dominated black one. Then, for the refrigerator the white one is not a big deal since you have to fill your kitchen with white color in dominant.

monochrome kitchen style

If you concern more on your faucet, you can change it with Aleskar Kitchen Faucet from IKEA Kitchen which has tremendous design and black-silver color of aluminum. It must be the attractive one and will make your monochrome kitchen be greater than ever. By spending $279, you can get this Aleskar Kitchen Faucet for the best kitchen corner.

Also, to make it more dramatic you can place Grundtal Kitchen Cart which has function to arrange your kitchen stuff uniquely. For the price, this kitchen cart can be bought with $149. To make workable corner in your kitchen, you can set a bar which directly connect to the kitchen. Besides it will not take too much space, this bar also can be a workable place for you. Still combining white and black, you can set a bar as you want with two or more Gleen White Bar Stool by IKEA Kitchen. By placing these Gleen White Bar Stools behind the bar will make it more excellent.

Monochrome Sleek Kitchen

For the kitchen that has more space, you can use this concept which has both of dining table and mini bar. First of all, we can take a concern on kitchenware. You can bought Nutid Thermal self-cleaning oven, Nutid Microwave Oven, and also Nutid Side by Side Refrigerator to complete your kitchen. For Microwave oven and Thermal Self-Cleaning Oven has black and white color which is so suitable for monochrome kitchen. Moreover, it must be greater with metallic grey of Nutid Side by Side Refrigerator. Secondly, if there is a window you can hang a curtain up. 1 pair of Sanela Curtains which has price of $49,99 might be the best choice from IKEA Kitchen.

sleek kitchen style

Thirdly, let’s focus on your bar and dining table. For bar, you can choose what color between white, black, or both of them for the bar. After that, you can put behind White Jangie Bar Stool in 2 or more. It has price of $129. For dining table, white dining table is the attractive one. It can be stand with Transparent White Tobias Chair from IKEA Kitchen which has price of $79.

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